Residential Building
in Adrianeiou street

A luxurious modern way of living in the city’s center

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Modern space
with natural light

The new residential building in Adrianeiou street offers a modern and luxurious way of living in the city’s center. Each residence provides a cozy modern space with a right at home feel that families and couples will treasure.

A cozy modern space

Tall glass windows integrate each apartment’s interior with lush balconies maximizing the living room area. Relax on your couch and enjoy the sun’s light and a great view all year long. When needed, the balcony’s wood-like blinds provide shade without blocking the view.

Open Space

The living room and kitchen are placed together on an open plan space, making it pleasant to host family and friends. Modern construction and state-of-the-art soundproof windows flood the bedrooms with natural light while achieving the desired quietness.


The bath has floor-to-ceiling showers lined with modern tiles, making an extra private room to relax in.

The building is compliant with regulations for disabled people, and its utilities provide its residents’ safety and comfort.

Apartment 43 m2

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Apartment 90 m2

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Apartment 135 m2

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